About Us

31949657_10100311377020129_6601408989295017984_nHi everyone! This is that awkward page where I talk about myself for a minute. Honestly, I’d skip this but I think it’s important you get some idea of my perspective since history is never told without some sort of interpretation to it.

I’m Graham (he/him) and I’m a white, gay man. I’m 30 years old — my birthday is June 23. I’m a Rhode Island native, though I spent some time in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania when I was in college. Aside from being an amateur historian, I’m an actor and I have a full time job I don’t entirely hate that pays the bills. I was raised by pretty open-minded parents and I was fortunate that coming out was not particularly dramatic.

In short, I’m way more privileged than most of our community. I realize that. I promise I am doing my absolute best to check that privilege and share the history of all corners of the queer community but I know that I am going to fall short of perfect. If you spot that, please feel free to send an e-mail using our “Contact Us” page!