Great Depression Era (1929 – 1939 CE)



  • Sterling A. Brown writes a poem called “Ma Rainey” about the legendary blues singer.




  • Alan Turing, unaware that it has already been proven, writes a dissertation proving the central limit theorem, and is subsequently elected a fellow at King’s College.
  • Willem Arondeus turns to writing and poetry.
  • June 26: Mariasilvia Spolato is born.


  • Alan Turing publishes a paper titled “On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem” which plans out Turing machines.
  • Alan Turing begins studying under Alonzo Church at Princeton University.


  • Alan Turing stops studying at Princeton University, and begins to study code breaking.
  • Willem Arondeus publishes two novels.
  • May 30: Christine Jorgensen is born — assigned the male gender and given the name “George William Jorgensen Jr.”


  • Willem Arondeus publishes “The Tragedy of the Dream”.
  • September 3: Britain declares war on Germany
  • September 4: Alan Turing reports for duty at the Government Code & Cipher School in Bletchley Park.
  • December 22: Ma Rainey dies of a heart attack.