Classical Antiquity (1 – 500 CE)



  • April: Caracella is assassinated. Julia Maesa begins a revolt with the aim of putting Heliogabalus on the throne of Rome.
  • May 16: Heliogabalus is named Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, Emperor of Rome.
  • June 8: Marcellus Opellius Macrinus is defeated, leaving Heliogabalus‘ claim to the throne unchallenged.


  • Julia Maesa begins working to replace Heliogabalus with Severus Alexander.


  • March 11: Heliogabalus is executed when the Praetorian Guard revolt against him. Severus Alexander becomes emperor and launches a massive and successful smear campaign against his predecessor before attempting to erase him from history. Severus also banishes any men with male lovers from public life.


  • Constantine becomes Rome’s first Christian emperor.