The Sixties (1960 – 1969 CE)


  • The Committee for the Reform of Sexual Criminal Laws disbands.
  • Around this year, Jackie Shane moves to Montreal.


  • Frank Kameny’s appeals about his firing under the Lavender Scare reach the Supreme Court. The Court decides against Kameny.




  • The shared tomb of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum is discovered by Egyptologist Ahmed Moussa.
  • homosexuality_and_citizenship_in_florida_28cover_art29As part of the Florida Lavender Scare, the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee publishes the “Purple Pamphlet”.
  • Marsha P. Johnson graduates high school and moves to New York City.
  • Craig Rodwell moves back to New York City after traveling for a couple of years and begins volunteering with the Mattachine Society.
  • Dante Gill turns to a full time career in crime.
  • September 19: Craig Rodwell and several other activists stage a protest against the military’s exclusion of homosexual people.
  • October 18: Pope Paul VI officially saints the Uganda Martyrs.


  • Bob Dylan mentions Ma Rainey in his song “Tombstone Blues” — placing her alongside Beethoven.
  • Jackie Shane performs “Walking the Dog” on Night Train.
  • Dung Hà is born.
  • The Florida Legislative Investigation Committee is disbanded due to controversy over the Purple Pamphlet, ending their Lavender Scare.
  • April 17 & 18: 40 LGBTQ+ activists protest in Washington D.C. in regards to Cuba’s policies on homosexuality. It is — at the time — the largest organized LGBT protest in history. Other activists in New York City, led by Craig Rodwell, stage a simultaneous protest.
  • April 25: A Dewey’s Lunch Counter in Philadelphia refuses to serve LGBTQ+ people — denying service to 150 people in just one day. This sparks a sit-in protest.
  • May 2: A second sit-in protest occurs at Dewey’s Lunch Counter.
  • July 4: The first of the Annual Reminders is held in Philadelphia.



  • Jackie Shane re-releases “Any Other Way.”
  • January 1: The Black Cat Tavern is raided by police — the patrons riot.
  • February 11: The LBTQ+ communiy of L.A. stages simultaneous protests across the city in response to the Black Cat raid.
  • March 17: Danny Garvin is discharged from the Navy.
  • July 4: The third Annual Reminder is held in Philadelphia.
  • November: Craig Rodwell opens the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop and founds the Homophile Youth Movement in Neighborhoods (HYMN).



  • 220px-Stonewall_riotsCanada decriminalizes homosexuality.
  • Jackie Shane released “Cruel Cruel World” — her last single.
  • Rose Cleveland‘s letters to Evangeline Whipple are donated to the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • June 28: The Stonewall Riots. Police raid the Stonewall Inn — the patrons resist, sparking a multi-night riot on Christopher Street in New York City.
  • July 4: The final Annual Reminder is held in Philadelphia.