The Forties (1940 – 1949 CE)



  • Willem Arondeus begins an underground periodical as part of the Dutch Resistance.


  • Allied forces invade the island of Sicily and store munitions in the Addaura Cave. The munitions explode, revealing previously undiscovered rock art.
  • Willem Arondeus joins force with another underground publication in order to increase their circulation.
  • March 27: Willem Arondeus leads the bombing of the Amsterdam Public Records Office, in order to hinder Nazi efforts to root out Jews in the area.
  • July 1: Willem Arondeus is executed by Nazis. His last message is: “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards.”


  • Christine Jorgensen — still living as a man — graduates high school and enlists in the Army, serving during the end of World War II.
  • Willem Arondeus is awarded a posthumous medal and buried at Erebegraafplaats Bloemendaal.
  • Alan Turing begins working on the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE).
  • August 24: Marsha P. Johnson is born.


  • King George IV awards Alan Turing with the Order of the British Empire — his classified work with codebreaking during World War II is estimated to have saved thousands of lives.


  • The Sex Perversion Elimination Program begins in the United States.


  • Alfred Kinsey publishes “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”.