The Seventies (1970 – 1979 CE)



  • Mariasilvia Spolato founds the Homosexual Liberation Front (FLO).
  • The Gay Activists Alliance pushes for a sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance in New York City. Sylvia Rivera campaigns with them until it becomes clear the ordinance will not protect gender non-conforming individuals.


  • Mariasilvia Spolato publishes The Homosexual Liberation Movements.
  • March 8: Mariasilvia Spolato is photographed carrying a sign that declares she loves a woman — making her the first woman in Italy to publicly come out of the closet. This costs her everything — her job, her home, and her family. She becomes a vagabond.
  • STAR opens a home for homeless queer youths, using money Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera earned as sex workers.
  • Marsha P. Johnson begins performing with the Hot Peaches.
  • Carlotta appears in four episodes of Number 96 — the first time an openly transgender actor portrays a transgender character on television.


  • Parts of Executive Order 10450 are struck down in court.
  • Marsha P. Johnson performs with the Angels of Light.
  • Dante Gill‘s mother passes away.
  • June 24: A fire is set at the Upstairs Lounge. The arson attack claims 28 lives, and is the deadliest attack on a gay bar until 2016.
  • June 25: Only one member of New Orleans’ clergy is willing to hold a service for the victims of the Upstairs Lounge fire. Father Bill Richardson of St. George’s Episcopal Church holds the service for 80 attendees — and receives over 100 complaints from his parishioners.
  • Sylvia Rivera speaks at a Christopher Street Liberation Day rally,  and then interrupts Jean O’Leary’s speech.
  • July 1: Troy Perry arrives in New Orleans and holds a service for the victims of the Upstairs Lounge fire.


  • Rodger Dale Nunez — the only suspect in the Upstairs Lounge fire, and who confessed the arson four times — commits suicide.
  • Dante Gill is arrested by the FBI, but is not convicted of any crime.


  • February 4: The Olympic Clean Up in Montreal begins with a raid on Sauna Aquarius.
  • Marsha P. Johnson is photographed as part of Andy Warhol’s “Ladies and Gentlemen” series.
  • October 17 & 18: The Olympic Clean Up continues with raids on five gay bars in Montreal.
  • October 31: The Limelight and Baby Face are raided by police during the Olympic Clean Up.
  • November: 80 gay men are arrested in Montreal as part of the Olympic Clean Up.


  • Some time around this year, Althea Garrison petitions the court to change her name
  • January 23: Club Baths in Montreal is raided by police, part of the Olympic Clean Up.  They cause more than $500 in property damage and arrest 13 men.
  • February 11: As part of the ongoing Olympic Clean Up, Sauna Cristal is raided.
  • May 14: Neptune Sauna is raided and 89 men are arrested. The Olympic Clean Up becomes more brutal over the next several days.
  • May 22: In what would ultimately become the last raid of the Olympic Clean Up in Montreal, Club Baths is raided again.
  • June 19: A demonstration of 300 protesters, organized by CHAR, marches across Montreal in protest of the Olympic Clean Up.
  • June 26: The first Rhode Island Pride Parade is held.
  • December 1: Matthew Shepard is born.


  • February 2: Dante Gill takes over a number of massage parlors formerly run by crime boss George Lee.
  • Dante Gill‘s massage parlor Gemini is bombed.
  • November: El Goya burns down in Tampa. Dante Gill invites Frank Cocchiara to manage the Taurean Models massage parlor.


  • Jeremy Bentham‘s 1785 essay “Offences Against Oneself” is published for the first time in “The Journal of Homosexuality”.
  • Craig Rodwell founds Gay People in Christian Science.
  • Rose Cleveland‘s letter to Evangeline Whipple are released to the public.
  • The police attempt, and fail, to bring down Dante Gill‘s criminal operations.


  • April: Cumberland High School refuses to give permission Paul Guillbert to bring Ed Miskevich to prom.
  • Dante Gill is arrested — but once again, avoids conviction for any crime.